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Information Systems
A list of other related information systems.
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  Link   CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System
The HIS project is intended to produce a prototype Hydrologic Information System to perform the most critical functions needed to advance hydrologic science in US academic institutions
  Link   Environmental Treaties and Resources Indicators (ENTRI)
An online service for accessing multilateral environmental treaty data.
Links to other information systems, databases and spatial datasets related to the field of water resources and agriculture.
  Link   FAO Water Resources, Development and Management Service
Various databases about water in agriculture
  Link   Fisheries Global Information System
Database on Introductions of Aquatic Species. The database includes records of species introduced or transferred from one country to another
  Link   GEMSTAT
GEMSTAT is a new online searchable database of global water quality data and statistics launched by UNEPīs Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) Water Programme.
  Link   Global Biodiversity Information Facility
Offers comprehensive taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes primarily for North America but also covers many taxonomic groups for the world
  Link   Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)
GLIMS is a project designed to monitor the world's glaciers primarily using data from the ASTER instrument aboard the EOS Terra spacecraft, launched in December, 1999.
  Link   Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research - Data and Information System (IAI-DIS)
The DIS is an Internet based data and information system with the following objectives in focus: 1) Dissemination of data created within the IAI scientific projects by using a metadata creation and management process; 2) Data discovery; and 3) Contri
  Link   Population-Environment Research Network (PERN) eLibrary
The PERN eLibrary is an important and unique reference tool for classic population-environment literature; journal articles; conference and working papers; relevant data sets; and educational resources. The eLibrary database is annotated and includes
  Link   International Law in Groundwater
Compilation of treaties and other legal instruments about groundwater in International Law
  Link   International Steering Committee for Global Mapping
Digital geographic information in 1 km resolution covering the earth's surface with standardized specifications.Global Map data contains informations about: Boundaries, Drainage, Transportation, Population Centers, Elevation, Land Cover, Land Use, an
  Link   IUCN Water resources Atlas
This CD provides maps of land cover, population density and biodiversity for 154 basins and sub-basins around the world.
  Link   MDG Monitor
One-stop-shop for information on progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), globally and at country level. Includes an interactive mapping tool. Taget 10: drinking water & sanitation.
  Link   Pan-Arctic River Discharge Database
A Regional, Electronic, Hydrographic Data Network For the Arctic Region
  Link   Resource Conflict Monitor (RCM)
The RCM monitors how resource-rich countries manage, administer and govern their natural resources and illustrates the impact of the quality of resource governance on the onset, intensity and duration of violent conflict.
  Link   River-Basin Information System
River basin based environmental information framework on a global level.
  Link   SAKIA
SAKIA.org is an information and communication service in the area of 'land and water'. Sakia.org hosts several services such as the email discussion list IRRIGATION-L the WWW Virtual Library Irrigation & Hydrology (content filling stage), the WWW Dat
  Link   Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database
Biophysical, socioeconomic, and geopolitical data relating to the world's international river basins are accessible and searchable through spatial and tabular formats.
  Link   UNEP Vital Water Graphics
Graphics, maps and other illustrations, of the state of the world's fresh and marine waters
  Link   UNEP Global Resource Information Database (GRID)
GRID is a global network of environmental data centres facilitating the generation and dissemination of key environmental geo-referenced and statistical data-sets and information products, focusing on environmental issues and natural resources
  Link   United Nations Atlas of the Oceans
The Atlas is an information system designed for use by policy makers who need to become familiar with ocean issues and by scientists, students and resource managers who need access to underlying data bases and approaches to sustainability.
  Link   USGS Water
The USGS Water Resources Discipline (WRD) provides reliable, impartial, timely information needed to understand the water resources of the United States.
  Link   Water Resources Center Archives of UC Berkeley Library
The Water Resources Center Archives is a unique library that collects contemporary and historic materials on all aspects of water resources.
  Link   World Glacier Inventory
The World Glacier Inventory contains information for over 67,000 glaciers through out the world. Parameters within the inventory include: geographic location, area, length, orientation, elevation, and classification of morphological type and moraines
  Link   World Glacier Monitoring Service
Worldwide collection of information about ongoing glacier changes in mass, volume, area and length of glaciers with time (glacier fluctuations), as well as statistical information on the distribution of perennial surface ice in space (glacier invento
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