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Online Atlases
A list of other online available atlases.
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  Link   American Digital Cartography (ADC) World MapAtlas
ADC WorldMap Digital Atlas is one of the most detailed digital atlas offering seamless geographic data for the entire world
  Link   Atlas of the Biosphere (SAGE)
The Atlas of the Biosphere is a product of the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (SAGE). The goal is to provide more information about the environment, and human interactions with the environment, than any other source.
  Link   Atlas of International Freshwater Agreements (UNEP)
The Atlas of International Freshwater Agreements containsan historical overview of international river basin management; a detailed listing of more than 400 international freshwater agreements; and a collection of thematic maps.
  Link   Australien Natural Resources Atlas -- Water Part
The Australian National Land and Water Resources Audit has developed the Australian Natural Resources Atlas to provide access to information to support natural resource management
  Link   Digital Atlas of the World Water Balance
This Digital Atlas of the World Water Balance is an integrated set of data files and models in GIS format that can be used to characterize the water balance of the earth(Version 1.0, May 1997)
  Link   GISP Interactive Maps
Interactive map with information and resources on Invasive Alien Species from all the countries in the world.
  Link   IOBIS -- Ocean Biogeographic Information
This website provides a portal or gateway to many datasets containing information on where and when marine species have been recorded. The datasets are integrated so you can search them all seamlessly by species name, higher taxonomic level, geograph
  Link   IWMI World Water and Climate Atlas
The IWMI World Water and Climate Atlas gives irrigation and agricultural planners rapid access to accurate data on climate and moisture availability for agriculture.
  Link   National Atlas of the United States of America
nationalAtlas.gov(TM): Maps, map layers, printable maps, dynamic maps, and articles describing the geography of the USA.
  Link   SAGE Water Resources Map
Water Resources Maps from the SAGE Atlas of the Biosphere
  Link   WHYMAP Web-Mapping Application
Hydrogeological information collected within the WHYMAP project at a global scale.
  Link   World Atlas of Biodiversity (UNEP-WCMC)
Electronic version of the maps published in The World Atlas of Biodiversity - Earth's Living Resources in the 21st Century (2002) by B. Groombridge, and M.D. Jenkins (see http://www.ucpress.edu/books/pages/9941.html).
  Link   World Wildlife Fund - WildFinder
WildFinder is a map-driven, searchable database of more than 30,000 species worldwide, with a powerful search tool that allows users to discover where species live or explore wild places to find out what species live there. WildFinder contains inform
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