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Total population for year 2000 (total people per 0.5 degree grid cell).

Map description and dataset provided by: University of New Hampshire (UNH)

DescriptionPopulation (Total)

This map shows the distribution of total population throughout the globe. “Hot Spots” of very high populations can be readily seen in and around big cities and metropolitan areas.


This indicator presents the spatial distribution of total population for the globe and the spatial extent and density of urban settlements with 1,000 persons or more. This indicator provides a measure of total population and can be aggregated to basin, national, continental or global scales.


The dataset for this map was provided by: Water Systems Analysis Group, University of New Hampshire (UNH)


This dataset was developed for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Series, Ecosystems And Human Well-Being: Current State And Trends, Findings of the Condition and Trends Working Group (http://www.maweb.org/en/Condition.aspx) and represents and update to the population dataset developed for Vörösmarty et al., 2000.


Please cite this map as: "GWSP Digital Water Atlas (2008). Map 44: Population (Total) (V1.0). Available online at http://atlas.gwsp.org."

Contact Information

Charles J. Vörösmarty, Water Systems Analysis Group, Complex System Research Center, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH USA 03824, This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , Phone: +01.603.862.0850, Fax: +01.603.8

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