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Harmonisation of Freshwater Law Print E-mail

Harmonisation of Freshwater Law

This map provides insights into a global harmonisation in the perspective of water law and water scarcity on a river basin scale.

Impervious Surfaces Print E-mail

Impervious Surfaces

This dataset shows the spatial distribution and density of constructed impervious surface areas (ISA). The density of ISA for each grid cell is shown as a percentage of the total area. Examples of ISA include roads, parking lots, building, driveways, sidewalks and other manmade surfaces. The data was regridded from the original resolution (available from the data provider)

Industrial Water Use Print E-mail

Industrial Water Use

Global industrial water use for year 2000 (millions of m3/year per 0.5 degree grid cell).

Introduction of National Waterlaw Print E-mail

Introduction of National Waterlaw

This map visualizes the impact of several major international events regarding water governance on the introduction of national waterlaw per country.

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