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Global Potential River Network Print E-mail

Global Potential River Network

Global potential Simulated Topological Network at 30-minute spatial resolution (STN-30) representing all potential drainage pathways across the global land surface.

GRanD Database Print E-mail

GRanD Database

The Global Reservoir and Dam (GRanD) Database provides the location and main specifications of large global reservoirs and dams with a storage capacity of more than 0.1km³ both in point and polygon format. The current version 1.1 of GRanD contains 6,862 records of reservoirs with a cumulative storage capacity of 6,197km³ and their attribute data. The development of GRanD primarily aimed at compiling the available reservoir and dam information, correcting it through extensive cross-validation, error checking and identification of duplicate records, attribute conflicts or mismatches; and completing missing information from new sources or statistical approaches. The dams were geospatially referenced and assigned to polygons depicting reservoirs outlines at high spatial resolution.

Green Water Consumption on Cropland Print E-mail

Green Water Consumption on Cropland

Green water consumption on rainfed and irrigated cropland (mm yr–1 per cropland area, 1971–2000 average).

Groundwater Development Print E-mail

Groundwater Development

This dataset shows the degree of groundwater development as a percentage of estimated recharge and the main groundwater use for global groundwater regions.

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